Residential Heating and Cooling

Keeping your family cool throughout the summer and warm in the winter shouldn’t be a hassle. At Cecil’s, we provide you with excellent air conditioning solutions to keep the ball rolling. When it comes to your air conditioning system, you need comfort, reliability, and efficiency. Cecil’s HVAC technicians are here to help you maintain, repair, or replace your HVAC system. Unsure about whether you need to repair or replace your units? You can count on the experts at Cecil’s to offer insight to help you navigate your options. 


We offer general HVAC services including diagnostics, seasonal maintenance, repairs, and unit replacements, as well as additional services like ductwork repairs, geothermal and boiler servicing. Please reach out to us today for all your residential HVAC needs!

General HVAC Services

Service, Seasonal Maintenance, + Unit Replacements

  • Install/service A/C systems, heat pump systems, dual fuel systems, zoned systems, geothermal systems, boiler systems, mini splits, and PTAC units
  • Install/service most brands of pool heaters (October through March ONLY)
  • Install/service steam or bypass humidifiers
  • Install/service dehumidifiers
  • Install/replace thermostats
  • Replace air filters
  • Refrigerant leak search + add refrigerant (R-410a or R-22)
  • Install/repair flue pipe
  • Install/service condensate pumps
  • Gas leak search
  • Install/replace linesets
  • Relocate outdoor units
  • Install zoning systems
  • Seasonal Maintenance (ask about our annual memberships)


Repairs and Replacements

  • Install return/supply air filter grilles/registers
  • Install and service electronic air cleaners
  • Install and service whole house air purifiers
  • Install UV lights
  • Seal and insulate ductwork
  • Replace/reroute ductwork



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Service and Replacements

  • Seasonal maintenance on steam or hydronic boilers
  • Replace/repair steam or hydronic boilers
  • Replace Aquastats
  • Replace expansion tanks
  • Replace circulating pumps


Service and Replacements

Did you know that the most efficient energy source for heating and cooling your home could be in your own backyard? In fact, it could be your backyard.


Unlike the outdoor air temperature, which fluctuates with the seasons, the temperature below the earth’s surface is both moderate and consistent – about 55 degrees. Geothermal heating systems leverage this moderate temperature to condition your space, bringing efficiency and savings to your home or business. The professionals at Cecil’s will assist in determining if geothermal is the best option for you – call us today!